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What is Marketing, and What are the Keys to Successful Marketing?

Marketing is discovering, creating and executing the various parts that make up a whole system that is used to develop and influence beneficial exchanges among organizations, customers, stakeholders and interested parties.

Brownstone Marketing Solutions believes there are four key areas that successful marketing should encompass, and they are listed below. Business leaders should contact Brownstone Marketing Solutions immediately for a free initial consultation to discuss these areas.

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Without good research decisions are based on supposition, and that is a sure way to fail.

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By incorporating the concepts learned from the research, and then developing a strategic marketing plan

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Using communications tools such as direct marketing, public relations and social media in a proper and

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Being at the forefront of decision makers and thought leader's minds is important.

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Company Overview and Selection Process

Brownstone Marketing Solutions was established in 2009 to provide full service marketing for organizations that do not have the staff to define and implement marketing initiatives. Since that time the company also provides products and services to large organizations that already have marketing staff in place, but need help with a specific product, or service.  Jeff Brown (the owner) developed many years of successful marketing experience while being employed by a Big 4 Accounting Firm and several Fortune 500 Companies.

There are several things to consider when selecting a company to work with:

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Brownstone Marketing Solutions wants to be Your Marketing Partner for Success


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